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Trout Fever & Tippet Trouble

Playing hooky on Friday, I hit one of the first ponds of my fly fishing youth in Plymouth. There was a break in the weather and rises/ rolling fish all over the pond.

Hopped in the kickboat with my old #6 and paddled towards an area of concentrated rises. As I coasted in fish continued to slurp some tpe of emerger from the surface film I had rigged my floating line with a 12' 7X leader and a #12 Royal Wulff.

With my old trout abilities long since missing, my timing was off as I tried to set too quickly and missed 2 fish. I let the third take the fly and felt my pulse quicken as he headed for the bottom. A second later he was gone. Inspection of the tippet showed a clean break.

This happened 2X more on dry flies.

I won't even get into the sore wrist I have from the vicous strikes I had on my olive & purple wooly bugger.

Didn't land anything. Lost a lot of flies. A spinner on the shore claimed to have 3 brookies in his creel.

Am I doing something wrong with the tippet? I'm tying an improved clinch knot, even went with a trilene knot when I went to the nymphs.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Filling up the thermos with some hot tea & heading out to see what's happening with the pond now, hopefully I can do something right this time.


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