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my concern...

about these rulings, the new plan coming from NOAA-Fisheries, and the notice the Pacific Legal Foundation has put out to all areas where listed anadromous fish exist is what effect they will have on the ESA status of any single/all anadromous stocks. And, of course, there's all kinds of rhetoric surrounding that outcome. Worst case scenario, a lot/most/all listed steelhead and salmon stocks, supplimented by hatchery operations, are "de-listed" because the hatchery stocks meet the criteria (a lot likely will...) of like and countable fish, and thus NOAA-Fisheries, either through their own accord, or through the legal system, de-lists the run/species, and they are no longer under the protection of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). With the lack of regulatory oversight that comes with a listed anadromous species, there WILL be changes in the management of federal lands. For better or worse, the listing status of a species affects what and how projects on federal lands, whether they be timber sales, road closures, building a campground, building a road, grazing, etc., and the level of analysis and oversight that occurs. Remove ESA listing status, and a lot of that oversight and consideration goes away with it. this isn't to say things will return to the Rape and Pillage days of the USFS and the BLM, but it will change the way federal lands would be managed, and I don't think necessarily for the better. I'm am less familiar with the effect the ESA has on private lands issues, but its safe to say, given that the Pacific Legal Foundation is a make up of representatives of a lot of private property interests, that it carries some weight in that realm as well.

I don't think it is to much conjecture and speculation at all to look deeper into the motives and reasons for what may come of these rulings, in looking at this Administration, and the various political appointees that are attached to it. I'm certainly suspicious, and suspect less than favorable motives behind what is coming down the pike. At the vary least, this should really be a call to anadromous fisheries advocates to pay attention to what's going on, not only with this plan, but how its applied and how that affects anadromous stocks, not only in the short term (first 5 years), but for decades down the road. As a species, humans have very short attention spans, and there are many that certainly don't share my values of the environment (and i'm sure many of yours) that are banking on that. Personally, I'm worried. Thats a combination of the "facts" as Flytyer has described them, and also the players in this administration and our nationsal community and the motives they have. Doubt the power of an administration and it's primary lobbiests on natural resouces??? Read Forest Dreams/Forest Nightmares by Nancy Langston - describes very eloquently and in an unbiased fashion the politics and resulting policies that forever changed the eastern Oregon forest landscape, and the communities that rely(ied) upon them... Not a pretty picture... And there's a lot of deja vu in this administration...... As Flytyer stated, a rant and rage and whine session isn't helpful, recognizing the forces acting against my/our values and things we cherise (and how to work within the system to make the changes (or prevent the ones we don't want) we need to) is what we NEED to do...
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