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RE:Cascade Season Winding down...

Did I hear Vedder? The Vedder?!!! Be serious please. If you want to find bubbas and mouth-breathers - Canadian style - go for it. While there are lots of fish, including large "1st generation" hatchery fish the number of gear fishing bozos is mind boggling. While there are a number of ethical classy gear guys up here in Canada even THEY do not like to fish the Vedder. Hordes of hip-booted speed bumps line the runs, they do not move and think that 10 feet of space on either side of a fly guy is plenty of room. As well, the mouth breathers have learned to transfer knowledge (yes as unlikley as it seems) from the the Fraser River sockeye-flossing gong show and large sectors of the Vedder are repleat with these "sportsmen" flossing for steelhead! This is not my idea of a quality experience.

Having said this, maybe the run-off will not be bad and the river will remain fishable during the May fly-only season! We will just have to wait.

Tight lines - tyler.
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