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Re: What tackle

Originally posted by t_richerzhagen
do you use for these?
My favorite carp fly is a #6 or 8 brown woolly bugger with no extra weight except for the copper wire rib. I also catch a lot on "berry" flies, which are made of yarn and look almost like a small strike indicator that sinks. I usually make them half purple/half orange but I bet any color would work. I have also caught carp on a small crayfish imitation.

For gear, I use a 5wt or 7wt rod with floating line and a 6' leader of 12# or 20# fluorocarbon. The fluorocarbon helps to get the flies to the bottom.

The trick is to get the fly to the bottom in the path of the carp before the fish gets there, or land the fly on its nose if it's "mudding" in one spot. Sometimes the fish will eat the fly while it's motionless, sometimes you need to pull the fly slowly away from the fish to get a hit (and sometimes they spook or ignore the fly completely ).

Have fun!

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