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First trout of the year

Last Friday I had the opportunity to fish a couple of ponds at the Upper Credit Fly Fishing Club near Toronto. Weather cooperated (the calm before the storm) and managed a bunch of rainbows from 10 to 18". Fish fed sporadically and had some success fishing a pair of dry midges in size #20. One rig that worked very well was a Shipman's buzzer on the dropper as strike indicator with a little larva (brassy style) fishing three feet below. Had takes on both. The larva is tied with a glass bead next to the eye, followed by a collar of herl and wire to the bend of the hook. Caddis/shrimp larva type hooks from Mustad, Tiemco or Kamasan have the right shape and a decent gap to hold well in the fish's mouth. The gap is important in some of the small sizes as many of the fish are hooked in the hard roof of the mouth. A small gap makes the hook slip out or easily tears cartilage and comes off. You can tie these with beads of different colors and copper wires in light copper or enameled, green, brass, clear or black (if you can find it), I was showed this by my host, Sheldon Seale, and it works really well. I'll try to scan a couple to put in at the patterns section.
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