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RE:New England trout in first gear


Went out prospecting on Friday. Nothing but a pretty brook at the first stop. High water during a big rain event changed the channel and probably put a hurtin on the fish population. The debris that was in the woods was amazing. Anyway, it was cool to scope out a different place. I am using Tom Fuller's book as a guide to local streams (western MA)that I have overlooked. There were good numbers of tan stoneflies present - so back to the vice for a bunch of small stimulators. I've always stayed away from tying dry flies, especially the smaller ones. But I got some Whiting saddles and they are a pleasure to use. Makes the process of tying a dry fly a joy and increases my speed and quality. BTW - Bob I haven't forgotten you - I'm actually looking for the last box of tying materials for the blue zonker strips. I've moved about 5 times in 2.5 yrs, so....

Anyway, went to my favorite spot and caught a lovely 8-9" brookie on a Wulff pattern. The fish was a little washed out, but it was a little wild guy. Had to get back home before the wife got home from work .

Saturday I went out for a very short while to poke around. No fish, but again was exploring unknown sections - and they proved to be lacking a lot of cover and were pretty shallow.

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