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RE:Getting any?

We took a Monday off work on the 6th of March. Three men in a boat. Off to Lough Ennell in the midlands of Ireland. The lake is Legendary. A typical fish is 3lbs. And we are talking pure untainted wild fish. No stocking, no nice over wintereds just <i>les sauvages</i>.
Now we fished the rather uncomfortable conditions for the whole day (9-5). It was quite windy and the boat was the worst drifter ever put on water. The durn thing pirrueted all around the place... fly lines crossed and more than one heart was set racing by a savage take which was a fellow lifting his line off the water. The little 4 horse on the back did not help when motoring to better spots either.
Anyway we fished shrimps, scuds for the Yankies, and I let the side down, as did boat man and driver, Brian. But Stevo quite outdid himself and boated a fine 3lb 4oz brown trout. Brian took a smidgen of the glory as he tied the fly. I netted the fish so at least I was involved.
A friend in Lough Corrib (the West) set off the Season with 17 fish, and followed it up this week with 10. He was fishing the duckfly the second time, which is just starting now... (duckfly is a green buzzer for the Brits and a chironomid for the latins, les Yanquies tradeurs probably call them something else). All his fish were over 13 inches. I intend to break my duck before the end of the month and 13in and 3lbs need not be worried, I'll settle for a six incher on a size 18 dry if that's all's on offer...
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