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I have fished in tidal estuaries in the Western Isles of Scotland / Lochmaddy. In one of the larger sea pools (Geireann), the salmon would come in on the tide. The river that discharges into the estuary was more of spate river, and the salmon would attempt to negotiate things on the tide.

After fishing several days of fishing, it was my impression that the salmon would enter on the tide, and if they couldn't negotiate an entry into the Loch, they would drop back down. No real proof here, just a judgement.

The estuary was such that while there was flow, it wasn't great holding water at low tide. The Ghillie certainly had a firm grasp where the fish would hold due to current and favorable rock formations. In this case it was a pinch point where the current was favorable.

As far as catching them once they had found a holding spot, it was a matter of presentation, same as always. I really sensed that if they ran up on tide, and where unsuccessful, they dropped back down & at that time they became quite agitated ; jumping more than normal - I was almost struck by a fish. They also where not interested in anything until they settled down a bit or dropped back down further.

In hindsight, I think it was more a function of the spate river. In Newfoundland, I fished a much larger river (Humber). The fish would run on the tide, and guides would almost time them coming upstream. It was my impression that they ran as far as they could until darkness, and then found a place to settle (gravel bar or what have you). This was particularly true of the grilse.There was really nothing to contain them as in the previous case, so they ran upstream. Fish do stay in the lower river / head of the ride, so obviously not true for all fish (particularly some larger ones).

Likely there are biologist that have done studies and might offer information. These are just some experiences / personnel observations and are presented as such.

I have a picture of the the Marker Pool on the River Spey. I have never fished it, but this looks like what you are looking for in terms of a larger river. Perhaps someone can offer insight on this pool and fishing it.
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