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RE:Trout on moving water


I think there is closer to the dam, but we were 3-4 miles downstream from there. We think it was an unscheduled release, as I'm sure there would have been some kyackers out there if it was planned. It did come up quick, and they were really letting some water out, probably in anticipation of the rain tonight. That little voice in my head should have put two and two together when I saw the sticks floating by when it just began to rise.

Being out in the ocean and having the water rise around me cutting off my exit would probably have my heart revving faster than my old chevette on the Mass Pike. I always try to opt for the safe move in the ocean environment, probably as I am not as familiar with it as compared to FW, and I am not really the strongest swimmer in the world.

The Westfield R. really is a pretty place to go - that region 10 miles west of Northampton is pretty nice as well.

Have a good night,

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