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RE:Trout on moving water,,, Pete

Pete, I guess you need something to get your heart pumping to make this thing we love so much the addiction it is!!!!!
I remember wading out on some outer bars along the back beach in the dark.... getting into fish... pretty good some nights.... seeing the water still flowing out over the bar... and thinking I still had time to make it back to the beach throught the deeper cut... BUT... it took me some time to realize the tide is coming in depth wise but for ... like the first hour of the coming tide it still moves east... Talk about having your heart fall to your stomach (or even a little lower) when you step off that bar and you are OVER your waders,,...
I would say,that was a good experience you had so early in the season of the new milleneum... it will make it be a safer one,thats for sure. Glad it worked out good for you!!!
PS: Isn't there a horn or something to warn fishermen of the release of water from the dam?
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