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RE:Trout on moving water


Well went out today as the temps were pushing 60 by early morning. Went to go to the Manhan Brook in Southampton to check it out. Ended up going up to the North Branch in Westhampton and checking it out. My buddy Chris has shocked it before and they collected a few good browns, so we figured what the heck. The area had changed a bit, since he was there - so we went to hit the East Branch of the Westfield - <b>below the dam</b>. Well we rigged up and I was psyched to use the new 5wt, and as a bonus there was a good hatch of tan stoneflies and what looked like some little yellow stones, but I'm not an entomologist. Anyway after poking around in the water I began to think that I was a major couch potato and that the wading was pretty hard. Trying to get across the river to fish some promising water on the other side was a challenge. I noticed a couple of sticks floating by and actually was thinking that this was a sign that I should be aware of - the problem was I didn't make the connection. Anyway the water was coming up, and coming up fast. I went back to where I crossed, but by then it was too late. I tried but thought better of it, plus I didn't want to damage the digital camera in the back of the chest pack (a sure thing for a fishless day by the way). So I sat there on the other side until my buddy retrieved the map out of the car. This is where those walkie talkies would have come in handy, in fact we had mentioned them earlier and were remarking how they would have helped us a few times on the coast. I was lucky, as it was only 1.5 miles to the road - and I found a logging road and it didn't start to rain yet. But there is a lesson in there somewhere. If we didn't have the map we would have been guessing. I may even throw a compass in the bottom of the pack now. So no fish, but a story that I will remember for a while. A side benefit was seeing some water that I wouldn't have with the trip through the woods - some of the Westfield is very beautiful. My buddy from the West Coast remarked that when the water came up the river reminded him of some of the steelhead rivers he has fished.

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