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RE:Trout on moving water

As I mentioned to Tony I started fishing the kettle ponds at a very young age myself. Canoeing around Nickerson has brought some beautiful fish on my line, and that place holds trout over very well too. I read there's a rainbow smelt population in Flax. Those ponds with herring runs get the extra protein shot. Healthy water, healthy fish. I wish I hit it with Tony this winter before the factory fish arrived, I'll be hitting it anyway this spring as we start going on Cape on the weekends.

I also very much love fishing freestone streams, for all manner of salmon, trout and steelies - and it's definitely narcotic. Mike I haven't done the wild brookie thing in many years... wouldn't take much to get me on that trip. I remember a few streams off fire roads on the Kancamagus where the native brookies were stumbling over themselves for the fly, nothing big but just gorgeous.

The streams on the upper left part of NH (Ammonousic (sp?)) near Littleton and Lisbon are fantastic for spring dry fly fishing, and no crowds. Jeff Roop and I have been talking about a Vermont trip to visit the American FF Museum HQ and maybe stop in to say hello to Bob Veverka, etc. These streams are on the way to VT and the trout stream-to-stream hop potential would be high.

Let's fish 'em ALL!
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