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RE:Trout fishing in gear yet?

When the spring stocking comes along (and it has out this way) it really screws up the great fishing that happens during the winter months. Seems to put the hold over trout into limbo. Also briings out the truck chasers. The big browns don't really turn on till the bigger bass have started to show.

Terry about the catch and release thing, maybe the 34 inch size limit will stop a lot of the guys that are out for an easy meal from buying bait and hitting the beach. The 28 inch size sure made a lot of new fisherman come out of no where. With the smaller size there was a hight mortality due to guys (and some that I never thought I would see be so hungry) to upgrade their catch. Get a 28-30 inch fish and keep it... then 2 hours later take a 36 inch fish... Man this is big (to them) I gotta keep this baby... next thing they heave the smaller fish (now crab food) and go home to show off their bigger fish! The larger size keeper should take a percentage of the easy take anglers away from the shore. (I hope)
As for schoolie handling... best thing there would be to catch a few or 6 or something... then bag it... go look for something bigger....
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