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RE:Trout fishing in gear yet?

No. I'd rather get behind a grass roots initiative to get the uneducated to Catch+Release schooly stripers without a drop kick or squeeze of death. To maintain healthy native trout you need to fight the war of pristine habitat. That's a HUGE battle of property rights in a fiercely independent country. You could spend years on a stream and then they drop a development of 4000 sq' trophy homes right on top of your stream (complete with lawn chemicals). Sorry to sound like a defeatest, but you'd figure TU would have accomplished more inroads to sustaining natives by now. So I ask: How can we maintain wild trout when we are bulldozing X acres a day of Massachusetts woods? It comes down to property rights.

<b>Massachusetts Audubon Releases Land Report

Approximately 16,000 acres of open space are developed each year in Massachusetts and 59% of the state is vulnerable to future construction, according to a recent report conducted by Massachusetts Audubon Society. Development covers 24% of the land in the state with the most rapid development occurring in the eastern part (Cape Cod and the Islands; southeastern Massachusetts; the area around Winchester, Stoneham, North Reading; a broad band along Rt. 495 including Greater Worcester, Lawrence, Methuen, and portions of the North Shore) and a portion of the Connecticut River Valley. Permanently protected open space covers 17% of the state in small tracts that are scattered across the state with the largest concentrations in central and western Massachusetts. The Society compiled the report, known as Losing Ground, in collaboration with numerous state agencies and other conservation organizations to analyze the scale, patterns, and implications of development on wildlife habitat in Massachusetts.</b>
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