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RE:Cascade Season Winding down...

The Upper Skagit and Sauk were FILLED with anglers in every pool today. There wasn't one run I wanted to fish that didn't have at least 1 angler already in it. Looking for new water, I headed downstream to find the Grandy Creek run.

You can imagine my suprise when I reached the Baker River in Concrete and found that, far from being blocked off as PugetPower had threatened, it was pumping large amounts of white mud into the Skagit - enought to completely blow it out downstream.

I continued south, deciding at the last minute to head to the Sky to see if anyone was in my favorite low water run. Nobody was there, but the weather was a stark contrast from that in the Skagit valley - bluebird weather instead of broken clouds and showers. Deciding to fish anyway, I spent a pleasant couple hours swinging an assortment of flies through the riffle.

It was a perfect afternoon for pictures, so I shot a bunch with the new water-resistant digital I'd bought and they turned out well (wallpaper for work <g&gt. Talked to a few boaters - 1 plugpuller had lost a fish, but the rest had drawn blanks.

Now for the Peninsula - all I've heard have been Outstanding Reports from over there! Guys have been getting fish in the Hoh, Duc, and Bogie. Sounds like one of the best returns in recent years, so I'll be happy to point my rig west ASAP.

Juro - get out here if you can - those fish are seriously snarfing flies over there!
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