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The history of the judges that made these two rulings has little if anything to do with the rulings themselves. Judges Hogan and Redden handed down leaglly binding rulings based upon what was presented to them in each case, this is a fact.

It is also a fact that Redden ruled NOAA Fisheries must change the Pacific Salmon Recovery Plan by a certain date. It is a furthur fact that Judge Hogan ruled that hatchery coho must be included in the decision to list a certain river's coho as threatened/endangered because NOAA Fisheries included the hatchery fish in the ESU. We know the 9th Circuit Court agreeing with Hogan is a fact. We know that NOAA Fisheries is legally bound to comply with Judge Redden's ruling is a fact. And we know that the Pacific Legal Foundation has put the states involved with salmon recovery and NOAA Fisheries on notice of more lawsuits being filed in federal and state courts if they don't follow the presedents set forth by Hogan and Redden.

The new draft salmon recovery plan is available for review and Keith has posted it here on FFF as a thread under its title. The 5 paragraphs of it are also a fact.

Anything written on where the rulings came from or what they are based upon other than either Hogan's or Redden's rulings themselves are not facts, they are speculations or assumptions (as pointed out by Doublespey).

I'll say it again, I do not like Hogan's or Redden's decisions; however, I also do not like Bolt's decision either. Unfortunately, despite not liking any of these three rulings, they have impacted the management of salmon and steelhead. That I must accept because no amount of anger or venting will change these court rulings.

Therefore, I must learn how sportsfishers and conservationist can work within the confines of these court rulings to protect salmon and steelhead while providing we fishers with the opportunity to fish for them. I must also learn how to use facts, not opinions or speculative agruments, to influence the managers and protectors of the resource (as Keith pointed out).
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