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What we "know"

This gets funnier and funnier - everybody seems to think they know what's REALLY going on. It's either a misinformed judge or a corrupt greedy admininstration - and on and on and on ~~~. This is not a slam, as I include myself in this group as well.

Our assumptions about the root causes of these decisions ~can't~ be rooted in fact because that would take someone either getting inside the head of Judge Hogan and/or actually sitting in on some private meetings between our current administration and leaders of the Forest Service, EPA, NMFS, and various business representatives.

We can only hope to understand based on a combination of deciphering news releases and researching the history of the player's (Judges, Administrations, etc) to determine if indeed a pattern exists to help explain these incredibly stupid proposals.

Funny tho - everyone takes their own ass-umptions as fact and then berates others that disagree.

I say Go For It - if Stupidity was Fatal we'd never have an issue with overcrowded rivers or salmon shortages anyway! Learn what you can, say what you feel as politely as possible, and we'll see how it all sorts itself out.

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