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RE:Avington trout fishery - England


I've been to Cape Cod, driving around one weekend for "pleasure" whilst on business in the week. It's a shame I didn't take the opportunity to fish whilst there (12 years ago).

I like "Trout & Salmon" magazine - it has river & lake fishing for salmon, trout & grayling. However, for the lake fisherman, "Trout Fisherman" is very good.

Boobies are great flies and have their place - but you're right - you have to be patient at times. Use them when it is so hot, you are sure you will catch no fish. Also try them with 'fritz' bodies in yellow/white, olive, orange & black/yellow. We also have some deadly buzzer fishing tactics too that requires equal patience. I'll perhaps explain that in an article or similar a little later on?

If you thought Boobies were funny to ask for, try asking a lady in a tackle shop for some "condoms" - size large. Especially speaking from work in an office, ordering mail order! These are also know as "Flying Condoms" or "Flying C's" and are the deadliest lures/spinners you can have for Salmon.

Finally, if anyone wants to fish Avington, by far the dealiest fly is the "Loignton Guinea" (not sure about spelling). This fly will catch fish out of puddles!

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