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First off, I resent your implication that my posting and those of others were less than honest because we didn’t border them with flashing neon bulbs and the words “this is pure speculation.” In the future, I’ll have my attorney and editor review my postings to ensure that they meet your exacting standards.

I’ll wager that at least half of what goes on in bulletin boards, regardless of their topic, is people playing what-if games and/or giving their opinions without feeling the need to label them as “op/ed.” I don’t need to come here to just read the news. I come here to hear what’s on people’s minds. By definition, when dealing with the future, one can only “speculate.” I think it’s obvious that what I presented above is conjecture. Anyone remotely familiar with what is going on here would see it as such. Give people some credit.

Second, my position presents a possible (call it remote, or speculative, if you’d like) outcome to the current proceedings. At the least, it may remind people to watch for a possible outcome. At the worst, it may turn out to be an accurate prediction. Time will tell. I see the result of the rulings as a potentially dangerous “foot-in-the-door,” if nothing else. I, and I suspect at least some others, don’t find the rulings acceptable. Can you understand that?

Your various postings seem to be accepting of the status quo and more focused on what can’t be done. Given that, please tell us, if you were to project the future – say 3 or 5 years down the road – as a result of these rulings and your seeming resignation to them, what do you foresee? You’ve done a great job of reporting the news and the letter of the law. Now, I’d like to know what you think is going to happen as a result. Believe me, I’ll understand that it’s “speculative.”
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