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RE:Avington trout fishery - England

Steve you would love to fish the ponds on Cape Cod, I think they are some what like some of the lakes you fish.
Seems like the UK anglers are very good when it comes to fly fishing the still waters. I have learned a lot from reading one of your fishing magazines called Still Water Trout, I think that is the name of it. I would read the reports from the different lakes there and they would have a list of the big trout taken in them and what they were taken on. I noticed a fly called the "Boobie" I called a shop in the UK and ordered some ( you should have heard that conversation.. A woman answers and I have to ask her if she has any boobies) I got into fishing them here and they worked great!
What would you use for a fly during your late winter and early spring fishing?
My fishing is weird.. I find something that works and use it for a while then go on to something different.
With the boobie I had to really fish it slow.. and I'm pretty hyper, it would take me a half hour to slow down enough to fish it.
Lately I am just streamer fishing and found that I can catch these trout with a pretty fast retrieve. I like that.
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