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John, these look OK to me and will surely catch fish. The EHC is my favorite fly since we have an impressive hatch (actually two, one spring and early summer and the fall caddis, being different sizes,color for each). I probably go through 150 flies each year!
I've found several important featrures about the EHC that make fisihing them more successfull.
1- Match the hatch, very important when fish get selective. Match the size, body color and wing color.
2- Disregard the above when fish get very selective and go to the "unexpected", try a size 12 when they are focused on size 18 & Vice Versa :eyecrazy: But it works!
3- Tippet connections should be such that the fly moves freely at the end of the tippet, I prefer a "loop" type of knot Vs. the "cinched" knots.
4- I always tie a hackle and trim the bottom as noted by others and also use a very thin "Mylar/tinsel" gold ribbing. This helps in the presentation and flotation.
5- I use various dubbing(s) for the body, color variations as well as flotation variations, mostly to ensure the fly "SITS UP - IN THE FILM" not too high not too deep. Fav. dubbing is antron blended with some guard hair from an old Muskrat fur hat. The guard hair "spikes" help keep the fly at the proper level IN THE FILM.
There are many other caddis patterns that could be a better match to your hatch.
I only use Elk Hock hair for the wings, since it does not compress and/or flare as much as other "hairs".
I often build a "color bubble" into the body, like an egg sack, some are Fluo, green others Fluo. orange or Fluo Yellow.
Here is an example:
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