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RE:Avington trout fishery - England

Steve and Juro....

There is a place in Long Island that I used to fish in the early spring and late fall with my TU group that was called Connetquot River State Park. It was a small spring creek that meandered thru Pine Forest to the ocean. The state of New York put a Hatchery in the middle of the river and stocked the living *#!!*& out of it. The river was not more than 18 feet across in most places and the fish where absolutely huge. It was not uncommon to hook rainbows and browns in the 15lb class. The park was set up where you would reserve and purchase a beat on a first come, first serve basis. When our club reserved it, we had free reign over all of the beats. There is one stretch where you cross over a bridge and under the bridge, you would see rainbows and browns that would scare you ! In most cases I would use a 6 or 7 wt, as long as it had pulling power because the fish did not go far, but it was a bulldog fight to get them in.
Not your traditional trout fishing by any stretch but some huge fish non-the-less......

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