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That is exactly the point I have been making with my posts on this subject. The rulings by Hogan and Redden and the new draft of the salmon recovery plan (which we must remember is being done because Judge Redden ordered NOAA to do so) do not say that NOAA or anyone else can simply pump hatchery fish into a river system and get a wild salmon species present in the river system taken off the threatened or endangered species list.

For anyone to say or claim that these two court rulings and the new draft salmon recovery plan, which Judge Redden ordered NOAA Fisheries to do (meaning NOAA did not do this of their own initiative), are going to cause the distruction of habitat, the elimination of protection for threatened/endangered salmon, or the replacement of wild fish with hatchery fish is purely speculating.

I have no problem with someone speculating about what may happen; however, anyone who does should be honest enough to clearly state it is pure speculation on his part without any real or factual evidence to back the speculation, which is how Todd did so in his post. You and many others did not do this in your posts.
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