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RE:First trout on a fly?

I flat out don't remember. Grrrr. It was probably a brookie in the way upper reaches of the Squanacook, or evan up beyond that in good old Willard Brook. It took me a long time to "trust" that I could produce on flies. So my conversion from spin tackle was back and forth in those teenage days way back (hint: I'm 3 months older than Juro, and he's an old cow now, so that oughta tell ya). But I really enjoyed your stories above. Brings to mind something. I've always had a knack for brookies. Crawling on your belly, behind boulders, long cast under alders, bushwacking etc. If there in there I can present a fly and hook them. But i never could get the hang of Browns on size 18 and smaller flies. Or, for that matter, any size. One of these days....Bob D, show me the way.

Terry (who suffers from CRS)
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