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RE:First trout on a fly?

Ah the first trout on a dry fly. You'd have to be a cold one indeed to let that memory slip away. This is piece of a post I wrote to "another" board.

There have been many who have imparted their fly fishing wisdom to me over the years but this is a tale of my cherry trout and one special man. He is nameless to me and he would have no idea how his few minutes of generosity affected me. I was seventeen and I had just become the proud owner of a 7 weight berkley fiberglass fly rod and a very simple single action martin reel. It was nearing dusk on the Mohawk river in upstate New York and the trout were greedily slurping flies from the surface. I made cast after cast to no avail and I was getting quite frustrated. An old man walked up to me and asked what I was using and I showed him the big bushy thing at the end of my line. He said I could fish all night with it and probably not catch a thing. He then dug into his vest and pulled out a magnificent assortment of flies. Truly a treasure and wonder to my eyes. He selected a fly, clipped the monster off my line and with hands shaking from age or some other unkind ailment he tied the new one to my line. He missed the tag and clipped the line and muttered something about damned old eyes. He handed me the fly and another like it off the patch on his vest and said I could probably handle tying it on myself. He watched me cast a few times then gave me a quick lesson on line mending and the importance of a drag free drift. I started getting rises to my fly but I kept missing them. He said I was being to rough and all I had to do was lift the rod to set the hook. Cast, cast, cast and finally I did it right! What a thrill it was and soon a beautiful 10 inch brown trout came to my hand. Grinning I looked up to the old man and he was not there. I wish he could have seen me catch my first trout on a fly. I can't remember if I thanked him and if I did it was not enough so I try to make up for any lack by following his example and being generous with what life has taught and given me. Who knows, someday somebody might write something like this about some old guy who shared with them and they will be writing about me. Kind of makes me smile to think about it.
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