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Thanks guys! Can't wait 'til I hook up with my first 20+ fish. I've seen them (some look as big around as a basketball :eyecrazy: ) but I haven't managed to hook one yet.

MCorder - If you enjoy sight fishing for fish that are virtually invisible in even a foot of water, trying to place a fly in front of a fish that will spook with the slightest sound or shadow, trying to "guess" at when to set the hook by watching the fish's movement or behavior, and battling strong, stubborn fish that pull really hard, then you will probably enjoy carp fishing! But . . . be prepared for plenty of frustration between hookups!

Steelies - I haven't landed any carp that were not hooked in the mouth, but I can imagine that a foul-hooked carp would be very difficult to land, especially with the way they like to hunker down in the weeds :hehe:

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