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RE:I'd much rather be here!

I'd rather be back here!

First off, I don't ususally lay fish on the side of the river to take a picture, but i had the camera ready and it was only momentary. There is a story that goes with this.

I was on the SF of the Boise, which is an unbelievable tailwater fishery located a little over an hour east of Boise. There is a spot that is used as a pullout for drift fishermen called Indian Rock. It basically is a rock outcropping that is around 40' high that overlooks the river. I'd frequently stop there and look down at the pool underneath - where there frequently would be 20-30 fish that you could watch. It had some steep access from the road, but with so many fish visible the pool did receive some angler attention.

As I traveled with the rod in the truck and was between tasks I stopped one afternoon at the very tail end of the salmon fly season. As I was watching the pool I noticed a much larger fish sipping naturals off the surface to my right. This fish was just off the shore, in a protected pocket created by the outcropping I was on, and using some overhead brush as cover. I rigged up the rod (6wt), tied on a caddis imitation and slid down the bank to take a chance at the fish. I got lucky and the fish took the fly within a 1/2 dozen casts. It put a real nice bend in the rod, as it went out into the main current and bulldogged around for about a 1/2 minute before the hook came out and it was gone. I was bummed out, but still excited to have fooled it enough to have it on for a brief period.

The next day I had to make a couple of trips the length of the river and each time I would stop as I passed Indian Rock and look down to see if the fish was back in its position. Luckily during one of those stops in the afternoon - there it was, right back in the same position, and feeding again. I had the rod already rigged up and broken in two and just needed to put on the waders before I could go at it again. I tried with the caddis again, but there was no moving the fish, and getting the correct drift seemed much harder than the day before. Getting a little frustrated, I picked what appeared to be the most profitable meal for a hungry fish - the salmon fly. Earlier in the day I had seen two salmon flies, and these things are big 1.5" and during the hatch these things are equivalent to filet mignon to us. I tied it on and took a cast. I swear the fish came out of the water to meet the fly before the fly even touched down. Same tactic as the day before out into the faster current and all around the pool in an effort to come free. This time I was lucky and after about a 3 minute fight I was able to bring the fish in to land it.

I had brought my camera down just in case and was prepared to take the picture. As I was alone I resorted to laying the fish down, straighting up and snapping two pictures. I removed the fly revived the fish and sent it on its way. I measured it by holding it in my right hand with its tail in the bend of my arm and the nose extending to the end of my middle finger. The fish was 18.5 (FL) and had some nice girth. Keep in mind when you look at the fish that the fly in its mouth is 1.5" long. I was so excited afterwards that I left without grabbing my boots which were by the drivers door. Too bad the picture isn't better, but the camera was beat.
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