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The NOAA draft statement does not say that fish from a test tube are the same as wild fish. If the 5 self-explanatory paragraphs of NOAA'a salmon recovery draft are read, it will be obvious that only in instances where the hatchery fish are the same genetically as the wild fish (i.e. produced from broodstock) or the hatchery fish are genetically very close to the wild fish will they be counted when determining threatened/endandgered status. And this draft of the salmon recovery plan doesn exactly what Judge Redden's order says NOAA must do.

This is very different from what many have posted about the NOAA Fisheries Pacific Salmon Recovery Plan draft.

Also, niether NOAA Fisheries, Judge Hogan, or Judge Redden have said anything about undoing habitat protections. Nor have they said anything about habitat degradation being OK despite the many editorials masquerading as "news articles" and posts on many fishing sites claiming that they have.
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