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Travelling with a long rod

Airline regulations seem to change more than the wind as of late, and I'm wondering if someone who has travelled within the last few months with a long rod can give me some info. I'm headed for Sarasota end of next week to meet with my boss and spend some time out on the water. I have two options available to me for fly fishing: my 7-piece 6-wt. saltwater rod, which breaks down to 20" (total length of case), or my Atlantis, which is somewhere in the realm of 48" broken down. I would think that bringing the 6-wt. would be far easier in terms of travel, however it limits me to fishing for relatively small fare and I'm not sure if wind will be a problem along the west coast of Florida at this time of year. I'd rather bring the Atlantis and fish for the tarpon, snook, and jacks that frequent the area, as well as any cobia we happen to spot. But the question is how do I get down there by plane?
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