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Fine. So a species is a species regardless of its birthplace – whether in spawning gravel or test tube. Let’s skip ahead a couple of steps…

Our rivers are now teeming with fish and that seems to indicate that all is well with the habitat… After all, look at the numbers of fish! Our rivers must be clean, habitable and passable by migrating fish. Therefore, let development and habitat degradation continue unabated! What’s the worry?

I’m sorry… I’m not buying it. As I said in another forum, this sounds a bit to me like strangling the canary so you don’t have to think about how noxious the fumes might be in the mine.

Although I’m not in agreement with it, I’d have a good deal less trouble with the notion that a species is a species regardless of its birthplace if I believed it would result in anything other than the complete exploitation of our resources. I am not, however, up for buying a bridge in Brooklyn. They'll have to take their sales pitch elsewhere.
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