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RE:Ice Fishing Tournament

I can see your angle of where you find beauty but the cold... man, I will just never get used to it. Everything I love to do happens with water in liquid state. Glad you like the pics. The brown that appears in my sig is a 22" fish from the mighty St. Lawrence River right here in Montreal... urban fishing. It's a fall fish and the place where I caught it is about 2km wide and I was wading out about 500 feet from shore. Water was low and you have to respect this beast of a river but there are browns , rainbows, smallmouth, largemouth, pike, muskies, carp, suckers... hell, even sturgeons! and the odd salmon or steelhead from the great lakes. The brookie spots pic is from that fishing club near La Tuque, Quebec. It was late August and the fish already have their spawning suits on 8^)
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