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RE:Ice Fishing Tournament


It's kinda tricky but I usually use a chain saw to cut a 4x20 slot through the ice. That's about as far as I can cast the 6WT. No risers so a sink tip is the only way to go. [img]" border="0" align="middle">

I started fishing the hard water in my late teens when it wasn't very popular. As in all things in life there are benefits and drawbacks. If you wanted solitude this was the sport. Beauty comes in the most unexpected forms and places.

To me there is something celestial about the sun rising over an apparently lifeless tundra with chips of ice flying all about creating a frozen rainbow in their wake. The brilliant winter colors of a fresh caught brookie.

The adrenelin rush of a flag going off and the race to the hole knowing that a pike has just inhaled a 12" sucker and is pulling so hard the trap is slamming against the side of the hole. Or peering through 5" of crystal clear ice as you are doing hand to hand with a 5# rainbow at Walden.

And of course NO BUGS. <img src="[/img]


Keep those pictures coming. WOW! What a nice brown. And that picture of the side of the Brookie is unbelievable.
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