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Hoppers, Hoppers, Hoppers & more Hoppers.

It's Hopper time. The terrestrials have become the major species of insects on fresh waters.
Nothing says "good eat'in" like a big, fat, sassy grass hopper.
If you like explosive, splashier rises from trout and the likes, tie on a hopper and get ready for some action.
Fish it around over-hanging river banks or grassy areas along your favorite streams. Forget the "delicate" casting, slam that hopper hard on the water! Hoppers do NOT belong on the water, so they will make a splash when they hit.
Cricket and ant patterns work well this time of year too.
I tie a variant of the Dave's Hopper and the Letort cricket.
Have fun.
"Somewhere, over the rainbows. I'll cast my fly...."
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