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Yes it can be done! Many summers ago as a teenager I spent the month of July at my grandparents small farm on Belle Isle Bay in New Brunswick near the little town of Hatfeild.

Each morning I would take their small skiff over to a long gravel bar near where the ferry crossed. I was fishing for stripers with the fly rod along this bar by drifting over the bar and casting in about 20 feet of water. I had great success for stripers this way and I was using a fly that looked like a smelt to me. I think this fly was used for landlocks in Maine a lot. Twice that July I hooked into an Atlantic by mistake. They were always in that area jumping strait out of the water as only an Atlantic can do. I boated the first one and the second one I lost at the boat. Both fish hit my stripped fly very hard and started to run instantly coming strait up and making great jumps. I can't remember the name of the river close by but I'm sure that's where they were headed for. As an excited young teenager I took that first fish I caught back to the farm. My grandfather had to show everyone in the area my catch so we went to the general store in Hatfeild to show it off. Just about everyone said they had never or hardly ever heard of anyone catching Atlantics in the bay. A couple days latter the warden showed up at the farm told my grandparents that they would be held responsible for my actions if I took another salmon and could loose their property. Most mornings after that I would see the warden sitting in his car on the side of the road watching me fish drinking away at his coffee or tea. We over time became good friends, I showed him how to catch stripers on a fly and he showed me his secret beaver ponds full of big brookies.

If it is legal to catch Atlantics in the salt I think with some diligent observation on your part you will figure out ways to do it.
Good luck.
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