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You bet a can of worms was opened!

This ruling is going to have legal standing and precedence in every other case brought to a federal or state court where fisheries professionals are counting or not counting hatchery fish when deciding on the listing or non-listing of a given river's fish stocks as threatened/endangered.

This case will also be used in instances where the hatchery fish were not included in the ESU, which means the river system would have to be closed to all fishing to prevent any taking (killing) of wild fish that are said to be endangered. The lawsuits will be filed to force the fisheries managers to include the hatchery fish on the basis of Hogan's decision that said the hatchery fish must be counted on that Oregon river when making the decision.

In fact, Judge Redden has already used Hogan's ruling when he told NOAA it must include hatchry fish for the rewrite of the Columbia River Salmon Recovery Plan.
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