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Last Thursday night I went to hear David James Duncan lecture. This was the day the administration made the announcement that rocked our world. Yvon Chouinard was in town and spoke before Duncan. Both these men have worked in their own way so hard for what we love and believe in. Yet both men seemed so tired and frustrated. Yvon started out by saying that he was thankful he was speaking to the choir because he just wanted to hit someone really bad. Duncan truly seemed shaken and was out of his usual astounding self. He seemed very tired and because of the days actions by the administration changed his entire lecture at the last moment. He did not want to have to go there and mentioned he would at this time would just like to be back in Montana with his family. His lecture was broken and interrupted by many sighs and pauses. He talked about how easy it is to hate the man in charge and how easy it is to forget that this is a very lonely man who is a figure head for those far smarter than himself. Duncan stressed that the hate will do no good. He is probably right and I will try not to hate the man anymore. He talked of the mentality of those who run this administration. He talked of the VP wanting to go bird hunting and being invited to a very republican private reserve for the 1 % who control this country now. 500 pheasant brought up in cages were released for the VP and his cronies on the day of the hunt. The VP latter that night was the toast of dinner at the hunting club. The VP boaster about killing 50 birds himself and what fun he had in doing so. Duncan mentioned that for us we would have turned bored at shooting 3 birds that knew nothing of survival but the life in a cage. He said that we would have been outraged with our lust if we would have shot 15 of these birds. But this man shot 50 before calling it a day and retired to the bar for a drink. One must wonder if our patriotic VP even pulled one feather or ever bothered to retrieve a bird down. This Duncan said is what the enemy we are facing is. This is a world so far removed from men and women like ourselves it is so hard to comprehend.

For me it is as if the,"Rights of Man" the essay that changed the way our countries founders thought has been taken away from us. We have come full circle to what this country was originally going to be founded on and that was originally only the wealthy, the privileged will make the decisions for what is best for our country. The "Rights of Man" changed that way of thinking. But now it seems like we are going to be the country our founders originally intended.

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm like Duncan and I am so frikken tired of all this BS and I just want to go hide somewhere and say I told you so. But I can't do it, I hope you can't run and hide, we got to fight what is happened to our country and those who have taken over control of it. It is the environment, it is everything that is changing and not for the better.
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