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I know what I would do if I were there. I would fish my "Miyawaki Beach Popper." I fish it as if it were a wounded baitfish. I personally have caught searun cutthroat, coho and chinook salmon, bull trout, and winter steelhead all on saltwater beaches and near enough to estuaries to count. I have had email from fellow popper tossers who have also caught redfish, snook, tarpon, roosterfish, ling cod and barracuda.

Because it is a surface fly, it is a great searching pattern. If you don't get any rises or follows, there aren't any predators around. It's as simple as that.

If you'd like the tying recipe, you can find it at: and search through the fly pattern archives for "beach popper."

If you are still interested, I can email revisions I have made to the fly since it was published and can also email fishing instructions.

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