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Now we're talkin! I'll scan a few of my favorites. Ryan has a flashy lady fly that is a winner, and don't forget to start the first 45 minutes of every morning with Leland's beach popper, from the boat on a floating line.

As the dawn broke, Leland was getting the most attention and from big fish as well. As morning progressed, the standard intermediates did well. Late morning when the downriggers started popping for the trollers it took a very fast sinking line and a vertical retrieve, everything in slow motion but the approach did produce salmon with consistency.

I would say that the best bucktailing fly I've used on a tube was one dressed in two parts - the tube and the hook itself, in a way that they fit together to form a herring shape. The more the wiggle, the more they liked it. Bunny always worked well for me but is a little unruly.

The game is more one of location than fly, once you find active surface oriented fish very little was left to the fly IMHO. I hope I can get out this fall for some serious hooknose action!
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