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We'll have to talk more about the Hous as the season evolves.
I have never really fished the TMA below RT84, with the exception of the pool just below the road. I generally poke around in the area from RT84 upstream to the access at the rest area. This is probably the section that receives the most pressure, but I keep going back. I'm a creature of habit... I am interested in trying the lower section though. Especially with someone who has even a little familiarity. Generally the state does stock the TMA's early, since these are the only areas open to fishing between the end of Feb and the third Sat in April. Also, these areas get a lot of activity...
I don't know of any sport shops in this area selling licenses. I usually pick mine up at the Town Hall in Stafford Springs, it's right on my way to the Willi. If we put together a trip, I can pick up a license for you when I get mine, if you would like.

What are some of your favorite spots on the Farmington?

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