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RE:the NotAFly

"Park the family"
Oh man am I ever gonna get it if my wife sees or hears that expression. What I meant was that the best way for me to get out to the housy would be to combine it with a long weekend away for the family. The place where the family (wife 5 year old & 2 month old) stay has to meet some tough criteria if I am to stay out of hot water. I once made the mistake of leaving my wife & son in a cabin with no car or tv while I went fishing and lived to regret it.

The Fenton, Mount Hope, and Willimantic Rivers bring back memories of the days before fly fishing in the 80's, and of learning to flyfish in the TMA. Do you favor the section above or below rt 84? I always liked the cutaway banks in the lower section. The river should be stocked in about 3 weeks if my memory is correct on timing.

Bigelow brook is one I can't say that I ever fished. I did spend a lot of time walking and chucking lures around the shores of Mansfield Hollow Reservoir and caught some nice fish there.

I forgot about rt 191 and about the Connecticut River in high waters. It is a big river, and like clockwork every year the parks next to 91 would flood in the spring.

It's good to talk to someone about the waters I've spent so much time on. The Willimantic TMA might be a good place to start the season. Are any sports shops in the area selling non resident licenses now, or are they still only at town clerks?
John Desjardins
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