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the Rogue has been changed forever;with the building of a dam,,boy!,,i surely learned a ton when we had a drought,,made me wonder,,talking to what's left of the oldtimers,,i'm an `oldtimer',,,but a um,,ahhhh,,,bait guy,,,just like `the majority';fished a few times a year,,,not posessed like `NOW"!,,there's several things of note,,,about water temps,fish run-timing,,heck,,even the pacific lamprey,,,,the onlything about the river here though,,the damned dam;is at the the very base of the,,,,?,,,headwaters?,they have a section called the `holy water',couldn't be more from the truth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hey !,,Rob,,when we gonna fish the river here!,maybe my neihbor needs a laod of blanks hand delivered!,,and,,,you got me here;;;from we--cry,,i owe ya's a ride,,:hehe:

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