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the NotAFly

I guess what I like best about fly tying is being able to experiment in ways that you would never see at your local fly shop. In that vein I present the NotAFly.

Hook: Mustad 80400BLN
Thread: 6/0, color to match tail
Weight: 3/32" dumbbell eyes, black
Tail: Fish skin cut into a curly tail. (trolling skirt material from Area Rule Engineering)
Body: Esatz or Cactus Chenille to match tail

To tie it: Tie in the eyes first, followed by the tail liberally super gluing both, add the body (rotary vise worked great for this: thanks guys) and then whip finish.

This fly worked great for panfish & small mouth last year. A very slow retrieve with ocassional 3-6" twitches was particularly effective.

Now if my 2 month old would fall asleep at an early hour I could experiment with weaving flies. That's one of this years experiments.
John Desjardins
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