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not only are hatchery fish not equal to wild, but as I stated above there is tremendous evidence that over time they do harm to the native runs.How smart is it to spend money to raise fish that help wipe out the superior fish that are free!!
In my life it has always been the judge,or the governor, or the mayor of forks,or the nets favored by the legislature, or the dams,or slade gordon stalling removal of the Elwa dams,or the quick fix hatcheries to make it look like someone is doing good,only to have them turn out crap fish and add to the decline of the wild fish.My entire fishing life, of say 50 yrs, of one mistake after another!And you know what must be one of the biggest problems.The fishing community never seemed to get organized enough to stop this trend.all the groups fight among themselves!Take the WSC and the town of forks!Still going on!The fly boys vs the gear boys.Kush is right! when the trend continues so long everyone interested in the resource needs to figure out a way to pull together.Beau
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