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Instead of shrimp patterms for the shad, you should tie some very simple flies consisting of nothing more than a very short tail (really more of a small tag that sticks out over the hook bend) of either flourescent yarn or egg yarn, a body of silver tinsel, Estaz, braided mylar, or braided tubing, an a head/thorax of the same colored fl. yarn or egg yarn wraped around a set of silver bead chain. This will look a lot like and fish like the shad darts used by spin fishers for shad. We used to tie in chartreuse, hot orange, flame, and cerise. Almost forgot, we tied and fished them on #8 or #10 hooks, preferably stainless steel salt water hooks; but any #8 or #10 hook will do.

We found that fishing the fly above on a floating line with a leader of 10' to 12' (if using your T&T 1208, which I would use, use a 15' leader) with a 6# or 8# tippet worked best. Just fish the gravel shelfs, tailouts, or water just below the head of the pool (water between 18" and 5 feet deep, and simply swing the fly as you would for steelhead or atlantic salmon.

Shad are a great fish with a pretty soft mouth so you can't horse them. They look a lot like a very large herring and like to run and jump when hooked.

The water gap and the Delaware further upstream as we progress through May is one of the places I miss since leaving PA 25 years ago.
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