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I tied mine on #4 targus steelhead hooks. Small tail of zonker strip on top of either krystal flash or the flash dubbing. wrap the zonker strip up the shank palmering the hair backwards. Collar the fly with one wrap of marabou, real sparse to add contrast and motion. 2 to 3 inches long total. no weight, lots of motion. Wasn't too hard to cast but I may be wrong, It was my first time so I don't have anything to go by.

Also hooked fish on an olive sculpin pattern which had a Spun deer head with a zonker strip in the rear. This was a little harder to get up in the air.

I have the 6/7/8 windcutter, set up with the fist section, then just the type 8 tip. This gave me 40 feet or so of line. A simple single or double spey and I could shoot another 15 feet of line with the cast. This was more than enough line for anywhere on the salmon. Kind of a scandenavian style of casting, from the videos I have seen.

My buddies hooked fish on wooly buggers and egg sucking leeches too.
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