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This kind of news perpetuates the problem.For years we have set fishing quotas based on big hatchery returns. this means the native stks are hammered harder and longer while boats attempt to fill those quotas.Same thing happened on the Solduck when they added hatchery fish initially. the returns were high.therefore the pressure was allowed to increase. word got out that catches were high.therefore more people fished there.This meant more chance that natives would be caught,especially the early season natives that were in the river at same time as hatchery fish. therefore ,more of them were killed and now hardly any of them exist.The bull-- continues and the cycle keeps going the same direction. Washington has ,for my life,had the dumbest fisheries management of any state or province I have ever been around!!!!If we could move Texas Parks and Wildlife up there and give them a free hand ,things would get better.My dad was a washington state senator and I was a page boy during the legislature sessions when I was in the 7th and 9th grades.I quickly became aware of the fact that the legislators were mostly idiots when I was a 7th grader!!!!! Beau
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