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Before I left PA in 1979, myself and those I fished the Delaware with usually figured May 1st for shad in the Water Gap area and the 3rd week of May for the Callicoon area with the shad moving into the forks the last week of May. Some years they were a week or so earlier and some years a week later. If I still lived there, I would head for the Water Gap this weekend for shad and probably fish Broadheads Creek for trout.

The up-side is the Water Gap is closer to you than the upper river and Broadheads has a terrific Grannom caddis hatch along with a wonderful Hendrickson hatch at this time of the year. On top of this, you can have some very find smallmouth fishing in the Water Gap area.

Another possiblity would be for you to go to the area around Neversink. The Neversink for trout and the Delaware for shad and smallmouth. This is not a bad choice either if you want to stay in the Catskill/Pocono area.
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