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OK Let's Jump Start This Board

Let me set the scene.

I finally have the whole thing set. The CND 1307sp custom, lamson 3.5 litespeed, rio 6/7/8 windcutter, a #6 white bunny spey with a salmon colored marabou collar. The place was Paradise pool, upper fly zone stretch of the Salmon RIver, Altmar, NY. A pod of steelhead were going through the motions of spawning in the tail, although they had been done for a week. I spent a few minutes practicing the casts and then got into the prime swing. 1/2 hour after hooking the bottom twice and swinging the fly through unmolested, the line stopped halfway through the drift. The line slackened up momentarily, then was ripped violently. The buck poirposed twice out of the tail and ran into the pool. five minutes later I had the 5 lb buck on shore. Totals for the trip, all on white, olive and black bunny flies, 4 fish landed to 6 fish hooked.

This was my first experience swinging flies for spring steelies. I have been converted. What a rush. Any other experiences out there for great lakes steelies?
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