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Originally posted by Willie Gunn
Strangely or spookily I was reading about the Borgie last night. John Ashley-Cooper was not very complimentry about it. He prefered the near neighbour, the Naver, I can see his point of view.
Very strange coincidence indeed! I fished the Borgie one day last year, so I am familiar with it. I haven't seen the Naver, but from everything I've heard, Mr. Ashley-Cooper is right that the Borgie isn't quite the caliber of the Naver. But then again, it's a lot more affordable and still quite enjoyable for a beginning salmon angler like me. We really enjoyed staying at the Borgie Lodge Hotel too . . . very friendly people . . .even got invited to the local trout fishing contest at Loch Loyal, which was great fun! We're looking forward to coming back this year.

Regards . . . Rob
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