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First Pond

Sitting in my office yesterday, watching the sun shine & thinking about the new kickboat hanging in the garage, I just had to skip out & hit the water.

I was on the water by 4:30, having a popular pond all to myself. My goal was just to get familiar with the new kick-boat & try out some of the new flies I will be trying for the salt so I brought the wifes new 8 weight. I hope she appreciates all the work I'm doing for her.

I fished deep & slow, bright & dark - nothing. No big deal until I see fish rising for the midges that were hatching in a back corner of the pond in a little inlet.

Took my leader which prevously was 8' long and ended with a section of 4# fluoro for a tippet and modified it to 9.5' 7X to cast a teeny #14 dry fly. Casted perfectly time & again - rejected.

Happy as can be with the new kick boat, got some great photos of geese, ducks, swans.

I'll brag about fish next time.

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